Friday, September 16, 2011

A Celebratory Happy Dance!

Remember yesterday's post, where I mentioned Cooperative Press having a new book coming out? I presented it as news but didn't go into further detail.


Nearly a month ago, Cooperative Press had a call for submissions. They were looking for pattern concepts for their book. On a whim, I submitted a couple things I had in my head that hadn't actually made it down on paper and especially not on Etsy. The deadline (September 1) for submissions came and went and I forgot all about it (well, more shrugged it off). 

So, you can imagine my surprise when I went to check my email last Sunday night and discovered that they were "thrilled to have (my) design included in the Fresh Designs Crochet Home Book"! What?? I mean, WOW! 

There followed such a happy dance that I accidently woke up my one year old (and I was much too fluttery to put him back to sleep, so my charming husband did it for me). Even now, nearly a week later, when I think about it I get all heart fluttery (though that could be the coffee I just drank). 

The contract has been thoroughly read by myself and Charming Husband, signed and is going to be driven to the post office for mailing because it's much too important to put in the box outside. It could, ya know, fall out or something. The wind could catch it. 

So they're waiting on my contract and I'm waiting to hear on... yarn support! Yarn support! Just typing it makes me geek out!

Wow, I rambled in this post more than is entirely necessary. But, really, this blog is all about celebrating crochet and I just wanted to share the joy and let you all join in the celebration. 'Cause really, in my humble opinion, the only thing better than crochet is... books. =D

So, have a scroll and let's celebrate!!

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Want more celebration? Click this link for some good Happy Dancin' music::::

Have a great weekend, everybody!! 


  1. Hi Jess! Thank you! Congrats on being included in the book!

  2. Thanks for featuring my work here! Love your blog and I am a big crochet fan too!

  3. Good News Jessica! I'd be jumping off the walls for a week I'm sure. Thanks for sharing such delightful things on your blog.


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