Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Check, X, Strike Through! (Finished!)

So just yesterday, in a burst of ambition, I made a to-do list for the day. Yeah, it's more like a to-do list for the week. #2 on this Very Ambitious List was commit (and make) a couple berets for a friend.

Or X!
Or Strike Through!
Depending how you work your ambitious lists.

Following the pattern for the Striking Doily Beret, I ended up with this:

So beautiful! I typically don't wear this style of hat... I typically don't wear hats at all unless the weather forces me to, but this one may have changed that for me. Slouchy and lacy? Yes, I'll take one of those!! And I'm just thrilled with this pattern, especially because the first pattern I attempted was nothing but trouble. Definitely check out Kristi's Blog and give it a go! You need 1 skein of yarn and a 5mm hook. Das it!

Have a Lovely Day!!

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