Monday, June 4, 2012

*Sc, Ch-1 * (Work in Progress)

I snapped these pictures of Little Boy Blue's blanket just a few days ago, and it's already changed so much since then! Things are starting to get spicy with the color play. 

This stitch is incredibly fast- it's a "seed stitch", a simple *sc, ch1 * across. In the ch space of the previous row you make your single crochet.

It's results in a very dense mesh and nice little "seeds" in the texture. Seed stitch.
The colors I have coming into this blanket are mostly turquoisey-blue, a touch of grey, a smidgeon of "pomegranate" red, some cherry red, and navy blue. It's getting excessively fun. But, blast, I don't have pictures of that part yet.

I truly can't wait to show a completed blanket. But, all in good time: for now, I'm enjoying this simple, brainless stitch. Mindless crochet. I lurve it. :) I am pondering over the possibility of a border - even a simple sc around might make it more visually pleasing and give it a *finished* look. We'll see. Borders are tough for boys' blankets. They're usually very frilly/lacy/scallopy.

 I hope Little Boy Blue loves it too. :) I honestly can't believe that boy will be *2* in just 6 weeks. Of course, when you're waiting on their, arrival 6 weeks is an e t e r n i t y. 

(The project bag is from the website:
an incredibly gorgeous place to get lost in.)
But, one thing I'm sure of, this blanket will be completed in much less than 6 weeks. Can't same the same for the Sunburst Granny. ;)

Have a lovely day!

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