Monday, June 18, 2012

I *Heart* It! (Finished!)

I finally gave the Heartsy stitch a whirl! Here it is, an easy little washrag for my kitchen.

What I'd mention about this pattern is that the hearts "disappear" on you while you're working it up. I kept double checking the pattern, and repeatedly hung it directly in my husband's face and asked in an angsty tone, "Do they look like hearts to you?? They're supposed to look like hearts." He replied that they did not look like hearts. "But I'm following the pattern," I whined. (Hey, I had a long day behind me.)

Finally I decided it didn't matter. I yarned over and drew through speedily and reached the end, fastened off and hastily weaved those excessive ends in.  Zoom-zoom, good enough, I decided.
"They look like hearts if you look at them from this direction," I tried to convince Charming Husband (and myself). "Sure, I can see that. They look more like butterflies to me," he replied, making an appreciative effort. "Oh. Okay." I was disappointed.

Then this morning I spied the little washrag sitting on the purple chair, waiting for me to create some sort of ruffle-fruffly border before I put it to work. And, ya know... they do look like hearts. Surprise!

This pattern is like spelling a word correctly but being convinced you are in error. (Mine are: Vacuum, Perennial, Parmesan. They just look wrong. But they're not, I spell checked it. No red-squiggle line.)


Hopefully you've been inspired to give this beauty a go and my little anecdote didn't scare you off. Check out the image sources below for oodles of eye candy- the original crocheter used this stitch to create a blanket (so many beautiful photos!!). Goooorgeous! :)

The heartsy blanket how-to! Yeees!
Image courtesy of Char Ami
Image courtesy of Char Ami

Have a Lovely Day!


  1. Beautiful!
    I'm making a blanket using this stitch and pattern. Love this stitch, but after while of looking at them, they do look less and less like hearts! lol I asked my bro if they looked like hearts to him, and he said "No." ;) If you just look at it really quickly, they do look like hearts though. The angle you look at them helps, too. Love it:)

    1. I'd love to make this into a blanket too- maybe one day! Do you have pictures of it on your blog? I'd love to see what you're working on!

  2. Very cute! Totally looks like hearts to me. My, "I must be spelling this word wrong" word is, "restaurant" :)

    1. Restaurant is definitely one of those words! Random vowels do it every time!


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