Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today I Need To... (Inspiration)

I have a few things I need and want to get working on today.

1) I'm completely preoccupied with this Pinterest find... I'm calling it the Heartsy Blanket because the blog post is in Dutch and I have no idea how she's referencing it.
The heartsy blanket how-to! Yeees!
Image courtesy of Char Ami
That ^ pattern turns into this....

Image courtesy of Char Ami

Isn't that marvelous? I want to make a bunch of cotton wash rags and dish towels out of the stitch. So  incredibly delightful and fun! The original pattern can be found here >> I Love Scraps Afghan.

2) I also need to commit to a Beret Pattern for a friend who put in a request for two. I made an attempt at a pattern I found on Ravelry, and within the second round the count was off-off-off. What in the world! I could fix it, I suppose, but it was just too frustrating- who knows how many errors are in a pattern that doesn't even come together in the *second round*. Anyway. I'm considering this one...

3) Making a few squares for the Sunburst Blankie is an ambitious addition to my to-do list. It's really coming together-- so incredibly exciting! No new rows have been put on since this picture, below, so I'm a tad antsy to work on it. I don't want to forget it, like some other blankets...

4) Little Boy Blue's Turning 2 Blanket *still* isn't d-o-n-e! I was doing it in my spare time, whenever I had a chance to sit and listen to NPR. Which is, apparently, twice, every other week.

5) When I was at my non-for-profit local foods store (Farm 2 Family) last Saturday, (where I got this yarn: 

and made this garland from it...)

I placed my crochet-contained apples on the counter.
"Did you knit these?" the (assumed) owner asked me.
"Um, I cro-"
"Crocheted, I'm sorry, yes, I see now," she corrected. Immensely pleased that she could tell the difference, I affirmed.
"Can you make us a bunch of produce bags? I've been looking for some, but the crocheted mesh style ones are hard to come by."
And what did I say? What I always say- "Of course!" So, I have several produce bags to get to work on. I created one on Saturday and haven't yet photographed it or written out the pattern. (Free Pattern, anyone? Well, let's file that under "Coming Soon").

6) I need to get to work writing that post all about Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund of the Americas, why I care about it, why I want to help and how you can help, too. Sometime this week, I think.

In summary: I am swamped with ideas, projects, commitments, good intentions, and creative juices. (Juices, ugh, just one of those words.) And what better use of my time than updating my blog? :)
Have a lovely day!


  1. Hi! This is Charlotte from charami.com. I just came peeping in to let you know my site is written in Dutch, not German ;).

    I'm from Belgium, the Flemish region, so I speak Vlaams, which is a form of Dutch. You could compare the Belgian Dutch to British English and the Dutch Dutch to American English ;) .

    You have a lovely blog! And thank you for the link :D

    1. Oh, wonderful! Thanks for letting me know! I'll be sure to make that edit. :)

      And thank you so SO much for sharing the pattern- I made one little washrag with it so far ( http://purplechaircrochet.blogspot.com/2012/06/i-heart-it-finished.html ) and am planning to make a whole bunch of them as part of my Christmas gifts. I have 5 sisters-in-law, so quick, easy AND adorable crochet is a must.

      Thanks again!


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