Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cushy Cotton Cover (Finished!)

Ooh, lookie here!

So, I took a brief respite from the Sunburst Blankie and Little Boy Blue Turns 2 Blankie. I kind of - sort of - definitely - stole some yarn from both projects (whoopsie), to bring together this sweet little Cushy Cotton Cover...

Mm-HM! I do love color.

One bright orange flower button, followed by a row of bright white ones means this cover is removable. The 100% cotton yarn means this cover is washable.

I had thought, whilst I worked up the navy blue side, that I would stick a flower on there asymmetrically.

Crochet Bouquet was consulted, and I did find one I thought would look pretty adorable on there...

It reminded me so much of my recent Anthropologie splurge...

Yeah? Yeah? You like it? Me too. But, mmm, I dunno. Something about putting the buttons on the cover *finished* it for me. I ended up lethargic and decided not to go the flower route.

Me, awkwardly snuggling the new cushy cotton cover and taking 15 self portraits and deleting 14 of them in disgust.

Cushy Cover certainly steals the show when arranged on a couch full of pillows and blankets.

The blue side is less attention hogging, but I do find it lacking. Perhaps I haven't truly given up on the flower embellishment...

I love this shot, with the bunting in the background. Background bunting. I'm on an alliteration kick.

I pulled out the Sunburst Granny just to be excessive about the crochet. Oh, Yeah!

And here's the cushy cover on The Purple Chair (as in, Purple Chair Crochet). I wonder if I go overboard with all this yarny stuff..... nah!! Haha, such a good joke. =P

So here's the great part of the Cushy Cotton Cover--- it's for sale! The best part is that 100% of the sale price is going to Christadelphian Meal-a-Day Fund of the Americas (whew, mouthful). I'll be writing up more on this particular charity in the coming week...

But, for now, if you're interested in helping a great cause, here's the info...

- The cushion cover (excludes the 14" pillow) is $50 (USD) - that money goes directly to Meal-a-Day.
- The shipping cost is $5 (this applies to those in the United States; additional charges for shipping international may occur).
- If you would like the opportunity to purchase Cushy Cotton Cover, please send me a convo on Etsy and I'll create a reserved listing just for you.
- One last thing.... kinda awkward, but I have to mention... after June 29th I can no longer offer this cushy cover for sale. It's going on a craft-tour, of sorts, along with all my bunting and flower pins, and all for Meal-a-Day. So, dear reader, you have two weeks and then someone else gets a shot to bring Cushy home! :)

Have a lovely day!

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