Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bird Buttons (Button Love)

I have this problem.

Image courtesy of buttonsbyrobin
 It's kinda embarrassing. But, well... we're all friends here.

Image courtesy of claycityart
I have a button habit. I once spent $40 on buttons (okay, in my defense they were on SALE and I just inappropriately rounded down).

Image courtesy of hodgepodgearts
Seriously, every time we go into Joann's my 2 year old asks if "this is the yarn and button store?" I buy him buttons too, and even ask his advice- "The big ones or the little ones?" and like the good little boy he is, he responds "The big ones AND the wittle ones."

Image courtesy of karoart
 My button love started when my crochet habit kicked into high gear. I realized that embellishments (generally buttons, though brooches, beads and ribbon have their place as well) were 95% of the vibe of the piece. The wrong button would result in a flop. The right button, conversely, would make something POP!

Image courtesy of salzanos
 (Whoo needs a button? *I* need a button. 'Kay, that was weird)

Image courtesy of veronicabuttons
I love this guy. Doesn't he look so liberated?

Image courtesy of beadfreaky
So now the button love is coming to an end... How bout those owls!? Crazy adorable. And I love the sparrows/songbirds, they're darling! And the bluebird at the top just makes me happy. Ooh, ooh, and the little purple button is the same color as my PurpleChair. Mhmm, Button LOVE!

Which is your favorite?


  1. ;-) I LOVE buttons too! Lets see, I love the top blue birds, The one owl is adorable, shoot, I do love them all! And Thank you so much for including some of my own designs here on your blog! Going to post on my facebook wall for my friends to come see your goodies! thanks!

  2. Such sweet buttons! I love anything with birds and owls are my favorite flying creature! Picking a favorite is too difficult. I came across your blog via Brenda Salzano. :) ~Val


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