Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do-Dads and What the Man Wrote (Symbols and Terminology)

Growing up my piano teacher referred to various musical symbols as "do-dads". Before learning new musical terminology she would tell me we were about to "read what the man wrote". I was a thoroughly confused 10 year old.

 It wasn't until I was about 17 that I realized "the man" was the *composer*. I could have asked for clarification. I should have asked for clarification. You may be wanting clarification right now, "What exactly does this have to do with crochet?" Well, I'll tell you. 

Image courtesy of Crochet Geek
Crochet has an abundance of symbols. Crochet also has an abundance of terminology. Yarn over, half double crochet, double crochet, slip stitch, working in the round, chain stitch, double crochet clusters- and then it gets better (worse?) and everything becomes abbreviated. It all becomes do-dads and what-the-heck-did-the-woman just say? (Typically woman, though there are men crocheters)

So I'm going to offer a helping hand. Here are a list of resources with a basic idea what you'll find there.

Excellent Resources YOU Must Know About

CrochetMe's Glossary : CrochetMe, much like Ravelry (Click here to read my profession of undying love for Ravelry) is one of those sites that you *must* know about if you're a crocheter. Their glossary is *fantastic* and gives you the term, the abbreviation and then an explanation in plain English, which is pretty stellar when you're a newbie.

Craft Yarn Council Abbreviations Master List : Craft Yarn Council offers their master list of abbreviations. It's good for a quick-look and much simpler to glance at than CrochetMe's glossary though it is based around the thought that you already know how to do make, for example, a treble crochet stitch. 

Craft Yarn Council Crochet Chart Symbols : Similar to the chart above but much more inclusive, Craft Yarn Council has created a chart. Here it is, but you'd probably want to save the actual page if you're looking for good resources. 

Image courtesy of Craft Yarn Council

Okay, so the symbols and terminology are covered. If you're not a newbie, is there still more to learn? You betcha.
I personally have trouble knowing how much yarn to purchase. Well, not anymore...

Thank YOU Interweave for this little pamphlet, for sale on their website riiiiiiight HERE! I ended up getting it at my then-local yarn shop (Unique Yarns, how my heart doth long for thee....). It's so handy, and has helped immensely to keep me from under purchasing as well as over purchasing my yarn. Though, over purchasing isn't exactly a bad thing. ;)

Whew, I'm tired.
So, lots of information, lots of clicking, lots of helpful hints, lots of good things.
Happy Crocheting!

Psst- Got a great resource? Share it in the comments section! :)

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