Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Seeking Inspiration

If you're a crafter, an artist, a designer, a maker... what inspires you?
Image courtesy of CShermanpepe

 Personally, nothing screams "Potential!" and "Get to work!" to me like seeing skeins of unworked yarn.

Image courtesy of Montagyoo

 (Anyone else feeling the desire to go schmooze at your local yarn shop?? Yeah, me too)

Image courtesy of Montagyoo
 Sometimes I see a thing- an article of clothing, an accessory, a toy and I think, "Oh, I could make something like that" and the proceed to create my own version. But there's very little creativity involved. Skill, yes. Hard work, yep. Problem solving, without a doubt. But true creativity? Nah.

Image courtesy of dehoffman

 But picking up a skein of yarn... well, that's different. I ask myself, "What should this be?" and suddenly anything is possible. My imagination takes over and the potential that oozes from that one skein is, well, exciting!

The above photographs, for sale on Etsy, capture the beauty, joy and possibilities of the creative process.

Due to severe and debilitating condition known as Brokeness (or Self Imposed Extreme Budgeting Disorder) I've tried to recreate the feeling in my own office... It's no where near as gorgeous and appealing as the professional photographs, but it'll do until some spare change hits my bank account. And then I'll be shopping for frames. ;)

Hope you've been inspired!

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