Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Using Flowers (Tuesday Tips)

Today's Tuesday Tip is all about using crocheted flowers! Flowers are such fun, fast projects! I obsessively make them and they float around my stash basket, waiting to be pulled out a moment's notice for a button, a pin, a garland, a hat, anything! (My apologies for the quality of the pictures I have taken, it was a rainy day but I desperately wanted to photograph the process since I had the opportunity). 

Making a garland

Flowers are easily embellished with buttons (Buttons!! Glorious buttons! Ahem, sorry, button love), sequins (sorry, no picture for you all) and beads (beaded crochet anyone? But that's another post, sorry again!). 

Yes, I did put a crocheted flower headband on my son. Whaat, I don't have a daughter.
So here's a little list I started on what flowers can be used for. I'm in the very beginning stages of writing these patterns out using one basic flower to center it all around. When they're (all) done I'll put it in my Etsy shop as an ebook of sorts. Here's my not yet completed list... 
Flowers can be used for...
in lieu of a Bow on a gift
atop Shoes
Granny Squares
Safe Baby Toys
Photo courtesy of Attic24
 Since my patterns are still a work in progress (rather, a thought I can't get out of my head) hop over to Lucy at Attic24. Her tutorials are AMAZING and perfect for new crocheters- she takes you through step by step in plain English, very little crochet jargon AND visually with her gorgeous photographs.

Photo courtesy of Attic24
 This is a flower pillow she recently Ta-Dah-ed (oh yes, it's ton of fun at Lucy's!)
Photo courtesy of Attic24
Her pillow tutorial can be found here: Blooming Flower Cushion!!
Photo courtesy of Attic24
I plan to make mine all in wine-red to go on my bed. Or maybe a peacocky-blue to go anywhere in the house. Or black (ooh, drama). Whatever I decide, I'll put a button in the middle (button LOVE!) and post about it here. I just have to get those other flower patterns out of my head first...

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