Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mean Irene

Mean Irene threw off my blogging groove. She knocked down trees everywhere, trees that landed on power lines. Our lights flickered once, twice, three times- Out. Off. All that remained was darkness and the sound of rain and wind.

Because of Irene, I couldn't spend my evenings writing crochet patterns. I sat in candlelight and talked to my husband.
Because of Irene, I couldn't upload new pictures to my blog. I took pictures of some crochet stuff, but then snapped shots of my boys playing in their rainy-day tent.
Because of Irene I couldn't do any laundry. I spent a day picking up sticks and finding green acorns all over our backyard, much to the delight of a little boy who loves collecting things.
Because of Irene, I slowed down. I took a break. I sat on the porch and did nothing. It was marvelous!

....thanks Irene. :)

***But the power's back on, so scroll down for a look at my finished nesting bowls . The pattern should be written by weeks end. Assuming another hurricane doesn't come through...

There's your sneak peek at what's coming soon to my Etsy shop.

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