Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a Hippie (Vintage Crochet)

A little about me. Hi, I'm Jess.
I'm a love obsessed, natural birthing, organic eating, chicken raising, outdoors loving, sun-worshipping, barefoot-with-a-flower-in-my-hair Beatle-maniac. Basically, I'm my family's hippie.
I've featured some lovely vintage before (seen here), but today I'm showing off some vintage hippie-love crochet! Hang on to your daisy crown...
Photo courtesy of minnefemme

Photo courtesy of BreatheCouture

Photo courtesy of halenalo

Photo courtesy of marathon1981

Photo courtesy of swaneegrace

Photo courtesy of shmooozin
I'm definitely in love with fringe now. And I have a sudden urge to plant daisies barefooted, but I don't think mid-August is the right time of year.
Another great thing about crochet- it stands up to time so well! Or, to steal my friend's word, "indestructible". And, as proven above, that's groovy.

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