Friday, August 5, 2011

Removable Stitch Markers (Fantastic Friday Finds)

I love having more than one thing to work on. I can pick up whatever strikes my fancy. I can work on a simple chevron blanket while I watch my babies play and laugh together. Or I can work on something elaborate when they've gone to bed and I'm having some "me" time. Bringing things in the car is always a great way to pass the time if you're driving from Richmond to, say, Virginia Beach and have 2 hours to kill (well, if you're the passenger) but a conversation to keep up. So, this past winter I had 5 projects on-the-hook.

And then one morning, as my 6 month old son was learning to pull up, he reached his pudgy little hand up and grabbed some of my work I had left on a low coffee table. Big brother came along and joined in on the fun and between the two of them they unravelled a cowl I'd been working on.
I walked back in the room, 2 full sippy cups in hand, to discover a skein of yarn lying in a loose pile on the floor and a cowl down to it's foundation row.

The cowl pattern is now available at: PurpleChairCrochet!


I didn't think crochet stitch markers were made. I had only seen them for knitting (in my meandering through various craft stores, or on brief schmoozes through yarn shops- but they're so often catered towards knitters). So that night, after recounting the tale to my husband (with a tad more drama thrown in, you know, for fun) I hopped on to Etsy. And I searched. And searched. And search--(okay, it *didn't* take that much searching) until I found THESE

Photo courtesy JeanetteJed
Photo courtesy of JeanetteJed
Photo courtesy JeanetteJed
Photo courtesy JeanetteJed
Removable stitch markers for crochet! Woohoo, and they're pretty too! Way better than those little safety pins (you know you've used them, blech).

So fun, so perfect, and after a quick encounter with PayPal, soooo mine! Okay, not all of them. I purchased the citrus ones above (you may notice them in my website's banner). And they are delightful! My only twinge of sadness if that, so far, I have only needed 6 and have no excuse to buy myself more. But now that I say that and consider a bit, does one *need* an excuse for a $5 purchase? No, one does not.

Today's FABULOUSLY Fantastic Friday Find is Jeanette Jed's Removable Crochet Stitch Markers!

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