Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage Yarn Baskets (Fantastic Friday Finds)

Today's Fantastic Friday Find: Vintage Yarn Baskets! 
Photo courtesy AMradio

Photo courtesy of  AMradio

Photo courtesy of gallivants

Photo courtesy of rhan

One of my earlier memories is sitting on the couch watching my grandmother, legs curled up under her, crocheting a baby blanket for some cousin-to-be. She sat in her blue cozy chair with her yarn basket just next to her on the pink carpet (it was 1990-something and the carpet was brand new and the epitome of style). I can't remember the print of it (the basket, not the carpet), but it must have been vintage even then because I remember not liking that it didn't match her living room. I was a tad fussy as a child. I think I've outgrown that... I think.

It's not a very strong memory, more a blip than anything else. I may even be merging memories together. Maybe that's why I love looking at the above baskets- strengthens my memories and aids in some nostalgia. I love the print on rhan's, the colors of gallivants' and the details on AMradio's basket. How to choose? 

Fantastic Friday Find!


  1. Don't you just love these old baskets? I remember one my Mom had when I was a little girl. Thanks for featuring my Etsy shop! You're blog is fantastic.

  2. love your post, brings so much more meaning to vintage when there is a story associated with each find.

    many thanks!


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