Friday, August 26, 2011

Nesting Bowls (WIP = Work in Progress)

My husband, Seth, discovered Top Gear UK is on Netflix (he's a car enthusiast)... 17 seasons of them. Oh yeah. While we were watching it last night I got the itch to make something. Who knew transatlantic car shows from 2003 were so inspirational?

Isn't he cute? Got him at Hobby Lobby
 I ran upstairs and sifted through my yarn stash. Not enough cotton for a yoga mat bag (or any bag really). Not enough wool for a hat. Not enough bamboo-blend for something luxurious- I just made one of those anyway. Not enough brain power to work with the fingering yarn, not enough daring either because I intend to make a cardigan out of it (stay tuned, it'll be ready in about 3 years). Hmm. Jute. Oooh, jute! I never did use this, did I? I carried my prize down the stairs (then back up because I forgot a hook).

I purchased my jute after reading Uncommon Crochet (the link is to a review, I hope to have my Amazon links up and running soon) and was simply inspired! The jute I purchased, however, is crazy difficult to work with. Fortunately, it's thick so it doesn't take many stitches to work it up into something delightful! 

A teensy basket! Well, it was more like the size of a cereal bowl. But it was so cute and worked up so fast I wanted to make a bunch!

I was royally sick of the jute after just 5 rounds, so I ran up for my left overs of cotton and proceeded to scribble out a pattern...

Emphasis on the scribble.

The cotton, being a thinner yarn, required a smaller hook and came out truly teensy (and adorable).

It's pretty remarkable the difference your yarn makes. But I'll refrain from actually remarking on it.

So I made a 3rd. And I've just started a fourth.  They're each getting bigger (as nesting bowls do) and I'm making them a tad more interesting by finishing them off with different borders. A nice WIP (work in progress) for the weekend.

My plan is to have a legitimate pattern (unless anyone is interested in some illegible scribbles? Anybody? Nobody?) for sale on Etsy by sometime on Monday. Check back then!

Happy (Hurricane!) Hooking, everybody!

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