Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sign Out, Sign Off (Tuesday Tip)

Today's Tuesday Tip is simple.

Get off the internet!

Get the scoop on this great yarn HERE
 Over a year ago (more like 18 months now) my husband and I got rid of our internet account and suddenly my crochet production exploded! I realized that I spent a disproportionate amount of time *looking* at crochet and patterns rather than actually crocheting. Since then we've got the internet again (as you probably guessed), but I (try) to limit the amount of time I'm on here, especially when it comes to looking at patterns, gorgeous as they are.
 So, today's tip is more a request. I request that everyone get off the internet and make something! There are patterns-a-plenty to choose from. So pick something, print something, sign out and sign off and get to work!
Pattern available at: PurpleChairCrochet
Pattern available at PurpleChairCrochet
What will you make today?

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