Thursday, September 1, 2011

Choose Your Weapon (Fantastic Finds)

One random, snowy day last December, as I was perusing a book store, I stumbled upon some pencil cases.

Image courtesy of Barnes and Noble

I left the store with this guy (and a receipt). The medallion in the center reminded me a crochet pattern in symbols and I had a bit of a problem with little hands grabbing my hooks. This little "pencil case" was one of my better crochet purchases. 

Image courtesy of brighterday
Etsy has a ton of gorgeous crochet hook pouches. I love this one above because of the motif stitched onto it.

Image courtesy of DownZipper

These chickies make me happy! We got some chickens last month and they are so much fun!
Image courtesy of HandMeDownDesignsME
This adorable pouch has been made from recycled materials. I love some good-for-the-earth-crochet-goodness!
Image courtesy of HandMeDownDesignsME
(The interior ^^^^^. Love!)
Image courtesy of KnitterBag
I love the natural, clean look of KnitterBag's cases. Plus it's got pockets, a zippered section and magnetic closures. Perfection!
Image courtesy of MontclairMade
I love that this case has one purpose, and that is to contain your crochet hooks. :)

Image courtesy of NausicaaDistribution
There you have it- my latest Fantastic Finds.
Choose your weapon!

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  1. Thanks for including my crochet hook case in this great blog post! I really love the one with the crocheted piece stitched to it.



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