Monday, September 12, 2011

All Doilied Up (Fantastic Finds)

I thought for this post we'd get all doilied up! Have a look at all this fantastically gorgeous crochet-goodness!

Image courtesy of asuhan
I am forever in awe of the talent that people possess.
Image courtesy of NettiesCollectibles
After the first couple Etsy-searches I found doily hunting truly addicting.
Image courtesy of PickersParadise
But all my hunting was abundantly rewarded!
Image courtesy of sweetrice
I actually found a few of these guys with the ripple-ruffles on the edges. I hadn't ever seen a doily like this before,
Image courtesy of sweetrice
so it gets two pictures for being a novelty (to me, anyway). =)
Image courtesy of VintageKeepsakes
This one needs to be on my Thanksgiving table. Oh yes, indeedy.
Image courtesy of artemisiascloset
Or this one, perhaps? How do you choose?!
Image courtesy of EmmaDear
I believe last three pictures above the style of crochet is called a "Pineapple"? Has anyone done them before? I never have, but now I'm itching to try. But, I have a few other things to work on first!

(So I may be announcing some big news in the coming weeks. Be sure to hear it first by "liking" Purple Chair Crochet on Facebook!)

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