Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Episode of Button Love!

It's been awhile since I first expressed my Love of Buttons. I feel like this post is overdue- it's time to feed the obsession again. Without further ramble, have a scroll through this 2nd episode of Button Love!
Image courtesy of aimoobaroo

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Image courtesy of SavageAttic
Image courtesy of PatchworkMill
And so ends this episode of Button Love- a great mix of new and vintage! Wasn't it fantabulous?! (A side note: my spellcheck did not highlight "fantabulous" as incorrect. Is it a real word? When did that happen? Regardless, it's quite excellent.)

I think for the next installment of buttony-delight I'll show you all some pictures of my stash. The above is my box-o-buttons. It doesn't really close anymore. I feel an organizing-by-color-in-glass-jars is in order.... maybe I should do that.... right now. 

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***Was just sent this link from my cousin- Make Buttons From Shrink Plastic! Delightful!

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  1. Thank you so much for including my buttons in this great blog post! The other buttons are beautiful as well! :)


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