Friday, September 23, 2011

Vintage Buttony Goodness (Button Love)

I've decided to have a few regular features- Inspiration (where I show off LoVeLy yarns, such as here and here), Fantastic Finds (a wide variety of Fantastic crochet! Just as an example: yesterday's post, the sea creature post, and the pumpkin post, but there are many, many, (many!more), Vintage Crochet (self explanatory, right? Vintage Finds, whether patterns or finished items or vintage accessories) and oh, random chat about things I've made and the occasional happy dance

But my favorite feature so far is definitely *Button Love*! I get sucked into button hunting (hunting?) for an embarrassing amount of time, then I get a bit heavy on the "favorite" button and the picture saving, but the results are spectacular! Well, if you love buttons. Which I do. Excessively.

So, now that my blogging intentions are laid out and a bunch of links have been created (wasn't expecting to get that linky, but it's fun, right? I mean, the alternative is housework), I'm ready to move on with it and tell you why we're all here today: 
Button Love! 

Image courtesy of AddVintage

Image courtesy of BumbershootSupplies

Image courtesy of Butterflysue

Image courtesy of EpochBeads

Image courtesy of Motleycouture

Image courtesy of oritdotan

Image courtesy of SunnyButtons
=D <-- this is me, geeking out at the vintage buttony goodness of this post. 
Is this normal?
Meh, who cares! I'm smitten!

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  1. Hi Jess,

    We LOVE vintage buttons too! And crochet :) Thanks so much for including some of our vintage buttons in this post.

    Best wishes,
    Bumbershoot Supplies


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