Friday, September 9, 2011

Crochet Pin Cushions (Fantastic Finds)

I'm in love with the beauty, simplicity and function of these little cushions. No creative corner should be without one!
Image courtesy of huebycrafts

Image courtesy of MotivesAndPatterns

Image courtesy of namolio

Image courtesy of thepinqueen
Image courtesy of emmablackie

Image courtesy of TheBoughandTwig
Such useful, pretty little things. A great way to display a motif!

What are you hooking this weekend? Making a motif, or something bigger? I have about four projects I'm in the midst of. Notta clue which will win out yet! Happy Hooking!

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  1. The one from namolio is super cute. It's interesting how you find things such as a pin cushion adorable. I'd totally display that somewhere in my home.


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