Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unexpected and Birdiful (Fantastic Finds)

I tried to splurge at Anthropologie yesterday, but I couldn't do it properly. I picked this up, put that down, picked something else up, put the other thing down. In the end I did make a purchase of 2 things I deemed were needs and not wants (a ceramic egg crate for our hens, if they ever figure out their purpose in life, and a pot holder because mine are too thin and are resulting in first degree burns). During my meander through the store, a colorful granny square caught my eye.
Image courtesy of Anthropologie
Ooh! Delightful, charming, cozy little bird houses! That's a bit of unexpected crochet (I'm always on the lookout)! So much did this use of granny square impress me that it evoked further reflection during the evening and I got to wondering what kind of bird lives in a crocheted bird house?
Image courtesy of Anthropologie
....crochet birdies, of course!
Image courtesy of crochetroo
Image courtesy of morgansboutique

Image courtesy of peachypaws

Image courtesy of peachypaws

Image courtesy of AmyGaines

Image courtesy of BlueMoonCrochet

Image courtesy of HandmadeCottage

Image courtesy of sofiasobeide

Image courtesy of thekeepmecompany
They're all so fantastically tweet! I even found some pigeon costumes in my searches which were quite hysterical.

Speaking of tweet, I signed up for Twitter. Most confusing thing I have ever attempted to navigate in. my. life! I reassured myself it'd be fine once I got into the thing, but alas, there's this lingo everyone knows except me. And so, it remains neglected.

Slight digression, but on with the point. Does anyone else have some birdy crochet to show off? What about unexpected crochet finds that you can't get out of your head? Or a good Twitter tutorial? Anyone?


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