Thursday, September 15, 2011

One and a Half Newsy Items

Well lookie here!

It seems there's a new item in my Etsy shop. I named it The Flora Infinity Scarf (pick up on the pun?). And it is delightful!  So delightful that I'm sharing some excessive pictures of it, right here in BlogWorld.

(Side note: My absolute least favorite part of the designing process is modeling. But, as I said to someone else, it's either me or my husband at this point. Although that could be amusing....)

Though my Zoolander face doesn't show it, I am in looove with this scarf! I want to make another one- pink, yellow and orangey flowers with a grey background, methinks. And then I'll love it some more, flora infinity.

So that was Newsy Item No. 1.
Newsy Item No. 1/2 is as follows...

Cooperative Press has a book coming out next year called Fresh Designs Crochet. I am just really excited about this and wanted to share. I'll go into detail on why I care so much another day, maybe next week. Stay tuned!

So, what colors will *you* be making your Flora Infinity Scarf in?

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  1. Here's a thought.... once you've completed your masterpieces, send them to me. Greg can do professional photography at Ignition, I can model, and keep the goodies! We'll send you the photos. Everyone wins!!!

  2. Beautiful work! I love the flower details. Great Zoolander!!


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