Thursday, September 22, 2011

Manly Stuff (Fantastic Finds)

I grew up with two older brothers and there was always a lot of talk about being Manly, and doing the Manly thing.

I began wondering: can crochet be Manly? Or, okay, more accurately, masculine? Of course- it's not all rainbow yarn and pumpkin hats!

Today I've compiled some Fantastic Finds for all the menfolk out there.
Image courtesy of bigalhats

Image courtesy of hollanddesigns

Image courtesy of KerreraSkye

Image courtesy of PolariBizarre

Image courtesy of slippedstitchstudios

Image courtesy of tolduso

Image courtesy of toivima
I love the simplicity in each of the pieces. Women's clothing and accessories tends to get very elaborate,  while menswear is unpretentious and functional. A truly Fantastic Find.
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