Thursday, September 8, 2011

Organic Cotton Yarn (Fantastic Find)

No pictures now. First, a story. Then pictures. Good ones, too.

Before my son was born in 2008, I never really cared about organics. Even after he was born, I didn't give it much thought... until he started solid foods. And, suddenly, the idea of my little boy ingesting a chemical coated anything was reprehensible! I could not, in good conscience, continue to turn a blind eye to this issue.

So our family moved towards organic foods (thank you, Food Inc!), and gradually cleaning products, personal hygiene products, and so on. We (try) to ditch the plastic bags and bring our own. We prefer to eat local (read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle). We can't wait to start out garden. We have chickens -- no eggs yet. (Any day now, right?)

You see then, we've set off on a path. And naturally there would be talk - especially after watching the documentary Tapped - of us going plastic-free.

I suspect some are having an "ah-ha" moment and know where I'm going with this. The other half thought they were in a crochet blog, but must have been mistaken...?

Perhaps you're familiar with "acrylic" yarn? Know that that is? Of course! It's cheap, it's consistent, it lasts forever! Oh. It lasts forever. It's plastic. It's *not* biodegradable.

Initially I fought this reality. No, not my cheap yarn! But I loves it. *sigh*. This can't continue.

I've moved on. Well, am moving on. This responsible living is a process- it surely doesn't happen over night. I still have a bit of acrylic blend left in the stash upstairs. And that's okay, what can you do? But I wanted to move towards pure wools, bamboos, silks and organic cottons. Especially cotton, because: Cotton is the most heavily sprayed crop on the the planet. Yuck.

Fortunately, I'm not the first to realize this. Below are some Fantastic Finds: Organic Cotton Yarn! Who knew responsible living could be so much fun? =)
Image courtesy of quovadishandspun

Image courtesy of ScarecrowOrganics

Image courtesy of ThoughtfulGemsCrafts

Image courtesy of Blue Sky Alpacas

Image courtesy of Knit Picks

Image courtesy of Lion Brand
Hope you've been inspired!

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