Friday, September 2, 2011

Sea Creatures (Fantastic Finds)

It's nearly Autumn and as exciting as that is -apple orchards, cool walks, gorgeous trees, open windows, the return of footie-pajamas (for the boys, not me)- I feel the urge to go to the sea one last time before we get too deep into the season.
Image courtesy of awkward
Speaking of the sea, check out these adorable creatures from some very talented Etsians.
Image courtesy of daveydreamer

Image courtesy of edafedd

Image courtesy of LadyLilliput

Image courtesy of Lazymuse
Image courtesy of Lazymuse

Image courtesy of OohLookItsARabbit
I love every last one of these sweet little sea creatures! If it weren't a holiday weekend, I'd be packing up the car for a beachy weekend. But that's madness. And so, I'll wait another week and hope the leaves and cool weather waits just a bit longer...


  1. These are all really cute! I especially love the hermit crab, and am a big fan of all of edafedd's patterns.

    Thanks so much for including the hammerhead shark I crocheted from a pattern by GemCreations. GemCreations is a talented mother/daughter crochet design team. They have some of the best sea critter crochet patterns I have found and also sell on Etsy.

  2. Oh cool, thanks for letting me know- their shop is awesome!


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