Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Bright, Happy Yarn! (Inspiration)

Last Saturday I made a Treasury on a whim. I really loved the way it turned out (I never really know where I'm going when I start). One of the first things I picked was this skein of yarn by thewoolpurl. I simply fell in love with it's bright, happy colors! I've said before that nothing inspires me like skeins of unworked yarn and I could use a little inspiration right now! So, here... we....GO!

Image courtesy of AuntPeggysCloset

Image courtesy of Erin48

Image courtesy of kattikloo

Image courtesy of LittleMonkeySnS

Image courtesy of myfriendlondon

Image courtesy of SheepingBeauty

Image courtesy of SierraFloraAlpacas

Image courtesy of thewoolpurl

Image courtesy of WanderingWool
Marvelous colors- they make my eyes happy! I'll take one of two of each! I'm suddenly desperate for a trip to my local yarn shop.....!!

Hope you've been inspired!

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  1. wow! such bright, happy colours! so totally inspiring me to crochet some bright, happy things. thank you :) x


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